Koryo Tyre Globally distributes and offers to more than 100 nations and regions in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, and in North and South America. In 2014, we opened our new headquarters (America Koryo, Inc.) in Southern California to expand and diversify into the U.S. Marketplace.

Koryo Tyre products and service quality have been approved and conformed with U.S. DOT, ISO 9001, European Community Standard ECE, GULF standard GCC, Nigeria COC, India BIS, Indonesia SNI, and Brazil INMETRO.

Koryo Tyre is a leading quality tire manufacturer of radial tires, PCR, bias, and butyl tubes in China. We manufacture various tires in six categories,with nearly 1,000 sizes and patterns of TBR, PCR, OTR,STR,MT, Agriculture, industrial, and motorcycle tires, as well as unique tires.

Koryo Tyre produces and supplies high quality tires to our customers at competitive prices with a focus of first class customer service. Your every communication will be treated and responded efficiently.