Rectangle shoulder and wide tread design with 3D multiple thin sipes increases road contact area,provides superior handling on both wet and dry surfaces,,and enhances wear-resistance performance

    Wide pyramidal-shaped sipes for all-weather and various roads delivers excellent safety,maintains firm grip performance and aquaplaning resistance on wet roads,,and enhances off-road steering response

    Optimized pitching sequence blocks design offers quieter ride

    Unique lateral flange protector design enhances protection from puncture

Size Load   (or PR) Speed (Standard Rim) inflatable Section Width(mm) inflatable Overall Diameter(mm)  (Loading Capacity(single/dual)kg (Lnflation Pressure (kpa)
LT215/75R15 6PR Q.S 61/2J 216 703 800/730 350
LT235/75R15 6PR Q 61/2J 235 733 900/825 350
LT235/70R16 6PR Q 61/2J 240 736 900/825 350
LT245/75R16 10PR Q 7J 248 774 1380/1260 550
31X10.5R15LT 6PR Q.S 81/2J 268 775 1030 350
LT235/35R16 8PR R 61/2J 235 806 1180/1090 450