Why Koryo
  • Rich experience

    We have 50 years’ history in tire production and 20 years in export experience on TBR and PCR and Butyl tube and OTR , we have great technology accumulation.

  • Rich products line

    We Koryo Tyres Have full range of TBR /PCR / OTR and BUTYL TUBE can meet your different demands.

  • Most reliable quality

    Koryo Tyre products and service quality have been approved and conformed with U.S. DOT, ISO 9001, European Community Standard ECE, GULF standard GCC, Nigeria COC,India BIS, Indonesia SNI, and Brazil INMETRO.

  • Quick delivery

    We have built a big warehouse and butyl tube factory near the Qigdao port and keep the various tires in regular stock .If customer need .we can do the quick delivery

    Meanwhile, we stock all types of tires including TBR, PCR, OTR, TUBE ETC. We can mix all types of tires in one container and ship the container to any location. We provide most convenient and flexible service to reduce the cost of our partners. 

  • Sincerest Service

    We keep improving our products and service and provide the quickest solutions for our partners.

    We look forward to establishing long term cooperation with the customers who hold the similar philosophy in worldwide markets.



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